Monday, April 20, 2009

The power of the witch, the spirit within

Ancient folklore informs us of witches flying on broomsticks and holding conclaves to decide what harm or mischief to bring to others. The witch has been known to cast spells or prepare potions that may cause harm or be of some benefit to someone.

The Catholic church has of old times during the inquisition been on witch hunts and many innocent lives were burned at the stake for simply making herbal medicine to cure an illness. Today, voodoo has been associated with witchcraft or any form of spiritual practice that differs from what is acceptable by the church or organized religion. There are many so called pagan worshippers and occult societies of today that do not adhere o the philosophies of the church simply because they find them doubtful and powerless.

Witchcraft has been known by many as the casting of spells, or someone making a wax image of a person and sticking needles into them. The power of the witch is far beyond what has been known to the western world for the power of the witch is a spirit within the man or woman.

The power of the witch as known among the Africans is a real spirit that resides within the body of the Individual that comes out when the person falls asleep and moves around just like a normal human body walks around when awake. It is this body that the western mystics have called the astral body. The western notion of the astral body is a conscious effort of the person to project their inner soul outside of themselves to a far off distant place.

The power of the witch even though similar, operates on a different level, for the witch’s body usually carries malicious intent. Imagine that you can walk around but no one can see you, and you are able to do or say anything to a person without the person being aware of your presence. Well you can see why the witches tend to be mischievous for they have the opportunity to even slap you on the head and on the face without you physically feeling it or seeing them. The power of the witch is a spirit body that is not of the person’s own body as that of the astral body but a separate entity of its own that assumes, the form and body of the person it resides in. When the spirit body of the witch is seen, it looks identical to the witch from which it came from.

This spiritual power is an entity of its own, and it can manifest as psychic powers possessed by the person. The person with the power of the witch acts different from a person that is possessed; whereas the person that is possessed shows signs of being possessed, the person with the power of the witch acts like any normal person and can even attend church regularly.

You will never the person with the power of the spirit of the witch making potions, or wax images, or even lighting a candle to perform any ritual of any kind. The power of the witch cannot easily be detected for the person does not do anything that is out of the ordinary. The difference in their lives compared to that of a normal person is; the witch possesses an extra body that can move around anytime they seem to fall asleep. The witch becomes consciously aware of themselves walking around while they sleep, and they know they are not dreaming.

The person with the spirit body of the witch can enter homes undetected, and can listen on to conversations as if they were physically present. This faculty is not a psychic ability, for it is a real body that is actually walking around like a normal person but cannot be seen.

The witch exercises their influence on others when the person sleeps, for during sleep time your soul body moves around unconsciously. It may sometimes seem to the person that the person is dreaming or having a nightmare when you encounter a witch in your dream. What gives power to the witch over the person dreaming is; the person dreaming does not have conscious control of their dream, whereas the witch has conscious control of their interaction with you in your dream.

The spirit of the witch can be acquired by anyone of any age, even if the person is three months old. For the means of transmitting this power from person to person through food. The person who has the power of this kind of spirit can put it inside food that he or she gives to their children or friend and the person that eats the food will automatically acquire the secondary body of the witch.

Here is a story of my witness to an exorcism of a person with a power of the spirit of the witch. The place was in an apostolic church in Accra, Ghana, West Africa in a town called Labadi. On this day as usual there were three candles lit on the altar, a white cloth on the altar and a bible on the altar.

As the singing progressed the pastor was looking inside the candle, and I also usually look inside the candles even though I do not see anything, for I was aware that the angels manifest inside the candles. I was a teenager at the time, and the pastor allowed me to stand close to the altar and I often read a few verses from the bible to the congregation. On this day as he looked inside the flaming candle he turned around and told us that, there is an angel present who calls himself Holy Zagunahas. He explained that the angel insists that whenever human beings address angels we must always use the word Holy before the name, for the word Holy is similar to the way we as human beings address others as Mister, or Miss. This knowledge always stuck in my mind, for the angel was very serious in making this statement, and the pastor made us aware of that.

During the service the pastor called out an old woman from the audience to go to the front near the altar. He then took a single white egg and said certain words of prayer over the egg. He then placed the egg on the forehead of the woman and said certain words softly to himself. He then smashed the egg into a plate and out of the egg came a spongy white substance. He then informed us that the woman was a witch and that the spirit within her has been removed. After a few minutes the spongy substance kept growing larger and larger in the plate. He then took the plate with the spongy substance and went outside and buried it beneath a cross in the yard.

A similar ritual of this kind is given in the book The seven Hebrew Gods, you may read the book for all the steps in this ritual. Only angels can remove the spirit from within a witch, for their power is beyond that of basic rituals or the work of elementals or herbal medicine.

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Ken Nunoo